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August 23, 2017

I was thrilled to be invited by property meetup organiser and networking expert Brendan Quinn to speak at his annual summer party. It took place yesterday at a very nice hotel in Earl's Court and I was one of three speakers, alongside Darren Kirby from Lucrum Asset Management and Thor Portess from Develop With Us


I've known Brendan for some time but in a marketing capacity, not so much to do with property. Although I did speak at an event for Brendan many years ago about social media marketing for property. When Brendan asked me to join his speaker line-up I jumped at the opportunity, especially as he wanted me to talk about my journey in property development what we've been doing at Coronet Group.


The session was a pecha kucha style presentation, so I had only seven minutes to tell our story and with only 20 presentation slides too. It was great fun.


To find out more about what I talked about, give me a shout - I'll be happy to tell you about Coronet Group. Or you can take a look around the website too of course.


Oh ok, here's the lowdown in 20 bullet points too:


1. We're Coronet Group


2. Setup in July 2016


3. By me and my brother Matt


4. He's an architect with 17 years experience designing luxury housing, schools and healthcare facilities


5. I'm a marketing consultant with 15 years experience advising big name brands such as Oracle, Google, lastminute.com and plenty of property companies too


6. We've spent some time planning our development strategy


7. And have been inspired by some impressive property characters, from Rob Moore, to John Corey, Paul Smith and many more


8. We've focussed on HMO investments so far and avoided a big mistake by hiring a good surveyor


9. But we've since invested in student HMOs


10. And crowdfunded our way into a planning gain site in Norfolk


11. We've also followed some advise to not forget about our professional skills, they're valuable and we should use them


12. Which has led us to launch our architecture and marketing consultancy services


13. And Matt is providing photography services too - this is one of his shots from a penthouse apartment designed by Architects Doone Silver Kerr

14. We've also taken on a new design and build client in London who we are providing marketing consultancy and service to


15. But in between all that, we took some time to reflect with a trip to the Lake District


16. And it feels as though we have made good progress with Coronet Group, but there's still a long way to go


17. In fact we've climbed up one hill and now we've set our sights on the next one - quite literally


18. To achieve our goals we're looking for joint venture partners to join us on our journey


19. And also, finally, I have a BMV opportunity for a one bed flat in Hammersmith if anyone wants to do some business tonight?


20. Questions? 


So there you have it. I covered all that in seven minutes. Well, probably a bit more, but nobody was timing me. 


Thanks Brendan for the opportunity to speak. I'll come back anytime. 

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