Assisted Sales for Landlords

July 7, 2017

Landlords, would you like to increase the value of your investment property in preparation for a sale?




The recent and punitive tax changes affecting property investors in the UK mean that many of you will now be thinking about disposing of some, or maybe all, or your property assets.


But how do you make sure you get the best price and realise the full value of your hard earned portfolio? 


We see a lot of rental properties coming on the market in less than perfect condition. Sometimes they require a lick of paint, but often it can be more substantial with new kitchens, bathrooms or roofs required. 


The result is the landlord receives less than the full asking price, or they have to set the price very low in the first instance.


What would you do if I say there's another way?


A route where you can get full market value for your property without an upfront investment. Sound too good to be true. Well, it's not. 


We have a specialist property design and refurbishment team at the Coronet Group. We work with investors to optimise the value of their portfolio, refurbishing properties to a high standard and turning them back into beautiful homes for sale to end users, or to other investors.


The goal is to achieve the maximum possible sales value for our clients and raise the standard of the housing stock on the market - something that resonates very well with our vision. We call this our Assisted Sale service. 


You can find out more about assisted sales for landlords by clicking here and watching the video below.



Or call us on 01234 339 286 as we'd be very happy to discuss your portfolio and whether we can help you too. 



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