Would you like to increase the value of your property in preparation for sale?


We work with owners to optimise the value of a property by refurbishing them to create beautiful homes. Our goal is to achieve the maximum possible sales value for our clients and partners, and breathe new life into tired housing stock. 


We call this our Assisted Sale service. 

What is an Assisted Sale? 


An assisted sale helps a homeowner to realise the maximum value from their property. With the help of our design and refurbishment experts, homeowners can add thousands of pounds to the value of their home. 


The main benefits of choosing Coronet Group's assisted sale service include:


  • Work with a team of design and refurbishment professionals to upgrade your property

  • No upfront costs for refurbishment 

  • An estimated 20-25% increase in property valuation

  • More demand from buyers and less need to negotiate

  • Reduced time on the market


How does an assisted sale work? 


As professional property designers and refurbishment experts, we will carry out the improvements, modifications and repairs your property needs to significantly increase its value. Our work varies from a new interior design scheme and decoration to full refurbishments including fitting new bathrooms and kitchens.


Our property team includes experienced architects, interior designers and refurbishment specialists with a catalogue of projects completed from London to Leeds. 


With our Assisted Sale Service, there is little risk to you as we will pay for the cost of the works in advance, which we will recoup once your house has been sold.


What are the next steps?


The process is straightforward and stress-free, starting with a meeting at your property. Once we have assessed the properties suitability for our service, we'll agree on a contract with you and get started quickly. 

There are no upfront fees to worry about. We will simply agree a fixed price charge, or a profit share based on the final sales value to account for our fees. Some initial costs will also be deducted from the sale price.

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